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Nashville, Tennessee

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This entry contains information about Nashville, Tennessee. For links to small business resources found in and around Nashville, visit the Nashville, Tennessee Hub.

Nashville is a city in Davidson County in Tennessee.

Nashville is the capital of the state of Tennessee. It is located on the Cumberland River in Davidson County in the north-central part of the state. Nashville is also a major hub for the health care, entertainment and publishing industries. Metropolitan Nashville's population stood at 546,219 as of July 1, 2004, according to United States Census Bureau estimates, making it the second-largest city in Tennessee (below Memphis). The 2004 population of the entire 13-county Nashville metropolitan area was 1,395,879, making it the largest and fastest-growing metropolitan area in the state.

Although Nashville is renowned for being a major music recording center and tourist destination, its largest industry is actually health care. Nashville is home to more than 250 health care companies, including Hospital Corporation of America, the largest private operator of hospitals in the world. As of 2006, the Nashville Healthcare Council estimated the health care industry contributed $18.3 billion a year and 94,000 jobs to the Nashville-area economy.

Other major industries in Nashville include insurance, finance, and publishing (especially religious publishing). The city also hosts headquarters operations for several Protestant denominations, including the United Methodist Church, Southern Baptist Convention, and National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Middle Tennessee is also noted for its automotive industry. The community of Spring Hill, Tenn., 30 mils south of Nashville, is home to a major complex that manufactures Saturns. In Smyrna, just east of Nashville, Nissan has a major manufacturing facility. In 2005, Nissan USA, announced it is moving its headquarters from Los Angeles to Williamson County, in the Nashville metropolitan area.

According to Expansion Management Magazine, Nashville is "the Hottest City in America for Relocation and Expansion." In June, 2006, Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine ranked Nashville #1 on its list of The 50 Smartest Places to Live in America.

Nashville is the location of the membership headquarters of the largest small business association in America, the National Federation of Independent Business, NFIB.


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[edit] Recent Nashville business news

Links to recent headlines via Topix.net

4Patriots Applauds Zombie Impersonators for Preparedness Event
Preparedness was the subject of the day during a recent fun run in Pebble Beach, Calif. 4Patriots specializes in products designed to help people prepare for an uncertain future.
Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Clarksville Chamber of...
The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Clarksville Area Chamber awarded the coveted "Champion of Commerce" award to Tennessee State Representative Curtis Johnson . The statewide board of directors for the Tennessee Chamber approves the award for legislators who have demonstrated exemplary efforts in protecting and promoting business and free enterprise at the conclusion of each Tennessee General Assembly.
'All About That Bass' co-writer took '15 years to become an overnight success'
For years, no one in the music industry cared about songwriter Kevin Kadish's passion project: a '50s-sounding record of doo-wop-inspired pop. Top 40 radio had increasingly fallen in love with the opposite: beat-driven, electronic-leaning dance music - and Kadish "just didn't care about that stuff."
Three Things You Need To Know About Nashville Fashion Right Now
Hey, people who like to wear clothes! Knowledge is power, so here are three things you need to know about Nashville-based fashion brands today: 1. Amanda Valentine is a winner! OK, if you watched the Project Runway finale last night, you know that local designer/celebrity stylist/resident badass Amanda Valentine didn't actually win the competition this time around . She was first-runner up, which in most situations in life is kind of a bummer, as you're waiting for the leading lady to catch the flu so you can be the star, but the fact is, Amanda was already a star.
Nashville's Tin Roof bar, eatery coming to I-Drive
Live music joint and eatery Tin Roof will open its first Florida location in December at the $200 million I-Drive 360 entertainment development in the city's tourist district. The Orlando location will be the Nashville, Tenn.-based chain's 14th location in the U.S. The 5,000-square-foot bar and restaurant will seat 210, with 155 indoor seats and 55 outdoor seats.
How One Woman Built A Multimillion-Dollar Cupcake Business With Just $33 To Her Name
Gigi Butler was a cleaning lady with just $33 to her name when she opened her first cupcake shop in Nashville, Tennessee, almost seven years ago. "People thought I was crazy, and they laughed at the idea," she told Business Insider.
GovBeat: The top skills people list on their LinkedIn profiles, mapped out by city
Using data from its users in the United States, LinkedIn mapped out the top skill sets uniquely found in cities across the country. The map reinforces some commonly held notions about certain cities.
Ziegler Linka age Longevity Fund, L.P. Announces Investment in Civic Health
The Ziegler Linka age Longevity Fund, L.P. is pleased to announce today the closing of its second investment. The Fund has recently closed an equity investment in Civic Health .

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